Valor Fitness PG-1 Climbing Peg Board Review

Valor Fitness PG-1 Climbing Peg Board

Valor Fitness PG-1 is a hot new release climbing peg board made of very solid, strong, durable and thick hardwood with gloss polyurethane that can be mounted either to the Valor Fitness rig or simply to a wall. The holes for the wall mount are 16 inches from each other for the regular stud distance. You will get a board that measures 71 x 12 inches, two hardwood pegs / dowel rods of unfinished maple and mounting brackets. If you are on the market for a RIG or a wall mounted peg board, this unit made of heavy duty wood may well satisfy. It is suitable for both home gym settings as well as fitness centers and can be used as a great tool for developing your upper body- conditioning, building strength and toning. The Valor PG-1 Peg Board weighs 27 pounds and measures 71 x 19 x 3 inches as assembled so it is larger than it appears in photos. The instructions for assembly is in the package but it may be a bit tricky to install at first if you are new to peg boards but once you get it sorted you will see how nice and sturdy this is and how well it works once you get the hang of it.

If you work out regularly at a gym or if you own other fitness equipment at home, a solid peg board will give a new dimension to your exercise session. There are a total of 35 staggered holes in a 4 x 4 grid pattern so it is quite a long one giving you options and you have the four counter bored holes for mounting to a wall or the rig. The peg boards are becoming quite popular for upper body training, and although they have a simple design of a board with holes and this one with the branding in the middle, you realize how much you can benefit when you start using it. You can mount it both vertically and horizontally but no matter how you decide to install it please mount it on a solid wall that can carry the weight of you and the board- any dynamic and static weight that may be applied to the board. You may think you could build it yourself if you just get a maple board and drill a few holes in it but it really is very technical and detailed only the professional carpenters can do. So although the price may seem a little high, it is well worth the money.  It is a made in USA product and of the best quality pine or maple.

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