PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench Review

PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench

Silver PowerBlock Travel Bench is a very solid piece of fitness equipment made of 14-gauge durable steel frame with a 2 x 3 inch size and a total weight capacity of 550 pounds which is very good for a portable unit. Travel in the name indicates the foldability of legs to travel position (becomes only 8 inch tall as folded) with the detachable detainer pins and with the integrated handle and shoulder strap you can carry it to and from your car easily. This is a flat bench that you can use for a variety of exercises you can do on a flat bench, including dumbbell chest press and you don’t have to stop working out when you’re traveling by car. It weighs 32 pounds and measures 40 x 9.5 x 15 inches- lightweight and compact which makes it ideal for those that don’t have much space at home or travel heaps, is nice to lay on thanks to the proper- solid, thick and comfortable padding that doesn’t spread around (in fact better than a lot of flat benches you’ll see at the gym) with black vinyl on top for easy cleaning but it is double stitched tightly at the bottom of the pad.

How comfortable the padding is will obviously depend on how much weight you’re lifting too and with a 550 pound total weight capacity you really won’t have much problems here. PowerBlock is a flat bench for flat bench workouts and not for incline or decline bench positions and if you were to lower one of the legs like some people suggested the other leg can become not so stable and you will have to be positioned on the floor, so this is not a good idea. If you don’t have dumbbells at home you may want to get a good set of dumbbells that you will be recommended with your purchase on Amazon.com product page. There are a variety of exercises you can do on it including step ups and Bulgarian split squat, ab exercises other than dumbbell chest presses. As it is only 8 inches tall as folded (and already short and compact in size) you can easily store it under your bed or put it in the trunk or the back seat of your car when you’re going somewhere. This is a very good quality and comfortable bench with the only cons of being a bit smaller than some benches and the lack of incline and decline positions and the front leg not being wide due to portable design restrictions which may make it wobble a little more than if it were as wide as the back but as the bench is a bit low you have more of a balance there. Overall this is a great bench that will cover all the bases with very solid- high quality construction and components, ergonomic, compact, comfy and foldable design at a great price.

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