Pinty Fitness Motorized Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

Pinty Fitness Motorized Mini Exercise Bike 

White Pinty Fitness Mini Bike is a compact, lightweight and portable motorized pedal exerciser for a nice cardio workout at home or office and is designed to help you lose weight, strengthen the muscles and enhance your blood circulation, balance and flexibility. It comes with an integrated timer to control your exercise time between 3 and 15 minutes with three-minute intervals for whatever you may need on the day. It can be seen as offering both active and passive form of cardiovascular exercise: Active exercise for those with normal or fit bodies without problems and passive exercise for weak bodies and you can certainly use it if you’re recovering from certain injuries on your legs or arms. You can use it either manually in power off mode or turn it on and get the motor assistance and there will be little resistance. It offers a decent low impact workout that is no burden to the joints and may help the recovering people improve their abilities to function better overall, as they can move your legs on motor speed if they’re not able to pedal manually. It can be used as both a recumbent and vertical bike, working on the legs or arms.

The blue backlit multi-function LCD display panel is easy to understand and helps you track your progress by showing you the time exercised, distance traveled, current speed and calories burned and you can choose one of the six integrated auto programs. You can easily take it to or keep it in your office as it will fit under pretty much any desk, with measurements of 15 x 12.6 x 11.4 inches and a weight of 9.9 pounds. It is designed more for people that are too busy with work and no extra time or energy for exercise after work. It is quite portable with the compact size and low weight, and easy to carry with the handles provided and can be stored away easily too, without any trouble. You can actually put this quietly running motorized mini bike under their desk and pedal while they work as it is also super quiet. And if you are using it at home you will definitely not disturb your family or neighbors downstairs. You can exercise when you’re browsing the internet, studying for the exams or watching TV. It has a premium feel and a very sturdy and heavy duty construction that will help it last a long time. In the box you will find the exercise bike, an easy to understand user manual and a wrench to help you put it together.

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