ELENKER 8 inch Electronic Mini Unicycle Intelligent 2 Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter Review

Elenker 8″ 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter via Amazon

Elenker Scooter is a functional and sturdy 8 inch tire 500 watt (2×250 watts) power electronic compact self balancing smart two wheel unit- drifting board / motorised skateboard / unicycle (other names for it). It weighs about 26 pounds (solid and durable) and can carry a maximum user weight of 220 pounds, pedal is 0.39 inch high off the floor and the unit is 23.62 x 9.06 x 8.27 inches so you can take it to work or school in a carrying bag or in your hand. You can use it at home, in your backyard, to get to school or work or you can even go shopping on it in the supermarket. It includes a remote control and Bluetooth stereo speaker with good sound quality so you can listen to music clearly and loud while you’re riding the unit. Elenker Scooter is safe and easy to learn and use and feels quite convenient for both transportation and fun purposes as you can even replace your car for short distances. Safety is provided by double balancing system, emergency protection when you lose control and the LED light on the side cover that makes you more visible in the dark and when you’re turning left or right the turning side LED light will blink (and this is quite a cool feature).

You can cruise at a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour (alert activated at 6-7 miles per hour) and goes a while before using up all the battery (reduced consumption and improved efficiency) and electricity turns off automatically when you fall off it. When you brake or ride it down hill, the energy will be recovered and further battery consumption is avoided. If the 36V, 4.4AH lithium ion battery is fully charged (and that takes about two to three hours in total) you can expect to go for up to a maximum distance of 12 to 13 miles and it can climb up to 25-30 degrees but both will depend on environmental factors and your weight. Battery can be charged between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit and the unit can operate between 5 and 122 degrees. In the box you will find the Elenker scooter, charging adapter, remote control and user guide with instructions. Elenker is a registered trademark brand and you can contact the company if anything goes wrong with the product, customer service is great and they respond very quickly. Unlike many of the imported scooters that are shipped from abroad this unit is reported to arrive in a short period of time- like in a week or less.

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