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Sportsman's Inn
Plymouth, NC 27962 US
Today, a perfect replica of the second Roanoke River Lighthouse sits peacefully alongside the Roanoke River. Its exhibits tell the story of this once-bustling port town where schooners, steamboats, and barges frequented the customs house. The river connected the region to the broader world and this beacon protected that connection.
All Concrete 1/8th mile Racing Surface : 50 ft. wide (25 ft. per lane) 2400 ft. long ; 1740 ft. of shut down area Concrete is 6 inches thick throughout : Same flexible strength as used in today's airport runways
Somerset Place is a representative state historic site offering a comprehensive and realistic view of 19th-century life on a large North Carolina plantation.

Sportsman's Inn of Plymouth offers great rooms at competitive rates. Located near the popular Roanoke River Lighthouse and Outer Banks Speedway you will find plenty to do whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. We are pleased to offer our travelers Newly Renovated with Daily & Weekly Rates Available, Free coffee in office, and Outside electrical outlets.